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Video & Rehearsal Studio Prices


Our studio is available for rehearsals and video/photo shoots. Call to schedule.

### Rehearsal Package Rate ###
* 4-hour minimum @ $100/hr
* Available Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
(extended hours may be available on request)
* Includes up to 30-minute soundman setup
* Often used for stage choreography, flash-mob training, and dance auditions, band rehearsals.
* Stage: 24-feet wide by 16-feet deep, raised 10 inches from the dance floor.
* 14’x10′ Chroma-Key Green Screen with 3-Point 600-watt studio lighting. Perfect for single and group photography. (see photo)

### Video Recording Package ###
* Promo Video $2000 (up to 6 pc ensemble)
* 2-5 songs (1 verse, 1 chorus) filmed with 4 cameras (usually no more than 90 minutes of actual camera time)
* Includes two edits: Long (3-5 minutes) and Short (60-90 second “agent-friendly” video)
* Audio tracks are recorded individually allowing for complete control of the mix.
* Includes video editing (typically 4-8 hours)
* Includes posting to YouTube or social media (if requested)
* Great package for any performer or band, from a solo act to a 12-piece show!
* $1500 for a video shoot using prerecorded audio.

### Video Recording Package RAW ###
* Promo Video Shoot $800 (up to 6 pc ensemble)
* We film and deliver the raw files (no editing)
* 2-5 songs (1 verse, 1 chorus) filmed with 4 cameras (usually no more than 90 minutes of actual camera time)

### Video Studio Rental ###
* Promo Video Shoot $550 (up to 6 pc ensemble)
* You film (we can deliver raw audio files)
* 6 hour block includes 30-minute soundman setup

### Equipment List ###
* 300 watts-per-channel Stereo Main PA.
* 4 floor-wedge monitors at 200 watts each.
* Optional fifth in-ears mix for drums.
* 24-channel Yamaha TF3 digital mixing board.
* Ability to record each audio channel to individual WAV files.
* Bass: Gallien Krueger 300-Watt head and Mesa Boogie cabinet.
* Drums: Yamaha Live Custom Oak Shell in Emerald Shadow Sunburst – 5-piece kit. 14-inch snare, 10 and 12 inch rack toms, 16-inch floor tom, 22-inch kick, along with stands and hardware. Musician to provide own cymbals, please.
* Guitar: Marshall JCM2000 100-Watt Half-Stack and Orange Tiny Terror Combo amp.
* Keys: Optional basic 150-watt keyboard amp combo with 3 input channels.
* Piano: Yamaha CP300 in grand piano shell or on basic X-style stand.
* Vocal: 1 Shure digital wireless RF Beta SM58a mic, 4 Shure SM58 wireless RF microphones.
* Misc: Multiple DI boxes, iPod/MP3 player input, CD player, small mixer for drummer in-ears & tracks. e609 guitar amp microphone, SM57 instrument microphone, misc percussion microphones.
* Front Lighting: 12 front-fill gelled par cans across 8 DMX dimmer channels.
* Side Lighting: 8 plain par cans across 4 dimmer channels per side.
* Lighting Effects: 14 RGB color-mixing LED static fixtures. 4 intelligent moving head LED wash fixtures. DMX PC software. Chauvet Hurricane Hazer DMX.

*This studio is up a single flight of stairs on the second floor with NO elevator access.


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