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Conference Opening for Private Client's Franchisees

Las Vegas NV

Client Requests

The client requested a thrilling 10-12 minute opening for their conference, full of the unique entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. They wanted the attendees to be inspired by all the color, movement, and excitement so they would be ready to embrace the sales promotions and new products that would follow and think big about how they could bring the excitement to their own customers. 

SBP Game Plan

We were to provide set-up, rehearsals, and entertainment

Performers would include:

  • Two Cirque-type Clown Mimes to have fun with guests during the initial “house open” time period of 30 minutes and then start the show as well as integrate themselves into the show
  • Six Cirque Aerialists in closed decorative pods, positioned 30 min prior to doors opening in the air or on the ground and lifted in the air at the beginning of the show to begin the choreographed routine
  • Ten Ground Cirque Performers, coming through the house to perform on stage.

Chorography between all performers would be seamless and include everyone.

Music via track should fit within the theme, build at the beginning , then be upbeat throughout entire program.

In the Grand Finale, the aerialists make their way to the stage and all performers are included at the end. The finale must include a way to incorporating in one or company executives onto stage to begin the program. 

How It Played Out

Steve Beyer Productions arranged for all the entertainers, lighting, sound, and other setup. We coordinated the rehearsal times and ballroom rental. There were countless details to consider, even for such a short program. The Cirque Clown Mimes warmed up the crowd, so when the show started the audience was already excited. The program itself went very smoothly. The well-rehearsed entertainers wowed the audience, and the enthusiasm generated carried into the main event. The client was thrilled with the results.


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