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A Series of Events with International Themes

Las Vegas NV

Client Requests

The client was planning to give multiple events over the course of a year for the same general audience with the theme of each event highlighting a different city of in the world. The food, décor, and entertainment would correspond to the city highlighted so attendees would feel like they were in that location. Locations would include Chicago, Boston, London, Hong Kong, and more. 

SBP Game Plan

The events would all be held in the same ballroom. The challenge was to plan the décor, furnishings, lighting, and staging so each individual event had a different look and feel despite being in the same location. The talent would complement the setting, and each event would be unique.

Using the same planning process for each event made it easier for both the client and the staff of Steve Beyer Productions. The team at Steve Beyer Productions let the creativity flow as they did what they do best: planned every detail that would make each event unique and memorable.

How It Played Out

The events were always a surprise, even though the guests knew what the theme would be. From a rollicking "Yankee Doodle" band in Boston to modern music played on old instruments against the Chicago Skyline, the entertainment and the scenery fit the mood of each event. Every element from the lighting to the table centerpieces added to the mood.

The hosts were thrilled with the ease with which each event came together and the excitement of their guests as they arrived at each event eager to discover all the surprises to find in the setting and entertainment. The guests came and told their friends, so the event became more popular over the course of time.


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