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Chinese New Year

Various International Locations

Client needs

Every year we get requests for Chinese New Year parties. Everyone has different requests, yet they all have some of the same underlying needs: to provide an event that reflects the joy of the event, with the beauty and balance of the Chinese aesthetic. Rather than highlight just one event, we thought it would be fun to showcase many different Asian-themed events to show how versatile we are in what we can deliver and to inspire you for your own event.

SBP Gameplan

The décor and aesthetic is important with these events, as well as making sure that the entertainment meets the vision of the client. Authentic Chinese Catering and appropriate background music reflect the desires of the client. We have a wonderful system for walking through the event to ensure all the details are covered.

How it Played Out

The result is always a colorful and exciting event, where the venue is transformed into a new and different landscape with a distinctive Asian flair and the guests and hosts give rave reviews.


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