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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Just call us! We love to speak to you directly. Or, you can use any of the contact forms found through the website or click the email envelope at the top of the page to email us to let us know about your event. Either way, we will walk you through defining exactly what you will require to make your event a success. We have a step by step planning process that helps you understand all the options and makes planning easy, even if you are just starting to think about your event. If you know exactly what you would like to do, we can make it happen.

    • Our experienced planners have planned everything from corporate events and conferences to weddings and concerts. We know what different kinds of events require, and we know how to make an event special. We will guide you step by step through the decisions and help you design an event that truly and spectacularly fits the occasion. And then we produce it, creatively and efficiently, every detail in place. We make it easy.

    • Absolutely! We work by phone and email for out-of-town clients. Many of our corporate and wedding event clients are from out of town. Working with a Las Vegas event planning and production firm definitely makes it easy for them. Our many years of experience in producing events in Las Vegas has given us deep roots in the hospitality industry here that allows events to be put together seamlessly and with ease. We can arrange the venues, the décor, the talent, work with the hotels, provide parking, security, labor of all kinds, so you don't have to. We save you much time and effort. Just tell us what you would like.

    • Your budget guides the available options. We will give you choices and tradeoffs so that you can be sure you are putting your money in the places where it will do the most good. You will always know what you are spending and how it fits with your priorities.

    • Steve Beyer Productions provides comprehensive event planning and production services. From the first glimmer of an idea to the successful completion of the event, we provide all the services you will need, from valet parking and security to the entertainment, from the décor to the talent. You will know that every detail will be efficiently carried out. We also provide ala carte services, so if all you need is the talent or decor, we do that too.

    • Then you need help from a team that is used to dealing with complex events. Steve Beyer Production has the experience and Las Vegas connections to plan and produce the multi-faceted event. We will help you plan each piece, as well as the coordination between them, and all the behind-the-scenes staffing required to produce it. 

    • Of course. We provide any type of security required, whether open or discrete. The safety and privacy of you and your guests will be built right into our planning at every step required if you choose to include security services in your event planning and production.

    • We are the masters of the multi-day event. Some of our biggest clients do these regularly. A multi-day event has different considerations and logistics than full or half-day events. Multi-day events often involve different venues and concurrent events, each with a timeline and its own considerations. We have streamlined our way of handling this type of event planning and production so every detail is in place and everything runs seamlessly. Our experienced team thrives on this type of event. You will relax, knowing you can leave the details to us.

    • Production is taking the plan and putting it into action, setting up all the parts and pieces, bringing in all the people, equipment, decor, furniture, audio, video, and entertainment needed to actually run the event... and then it happens, just the way you planned it.

    • Let the show go on! All the parts of the event that make it memorable are staged by our production people.

      Production sets the stage for entertainment: 

      • Audio Equipment 
      • Visual Equipment / LED Lighting
      • Equipment Rental - Gaming, DJ Booth, Dance Floors, Mobile Bars, Go-Go Boxes and Karaoke Equipment
      • Choreography

      Production sets the scene:

      • Furniture Rental - Conference Tables/Chairs, Cocktail/Bar Tables and Stools, Cabanas, Product Display Stands and Outdoor Lounges

      Production works with the artists:

      • Studio Rental - Engineers, Custom Tracks, Vocal Recording/Tracking, CD Duplication
      • Video Production
      • Photography
      • Artist Web Development
      • Artist Development

      Production supplies the staff

      • Staff Services - Employee Payroll Services, Staffing for Events/Conventions, Bartenders/Servers, Atmosphere/Spokes/Fitness Models, Go-Go dancers, Tradeshow/Corporate Event Staffing and much more!
    • If you already have an event planner you would like us to work with, we would be happy to work with them and do the production. 

    • We will enjoy helping you plan your event. Many of our wedding events include bachelor and bachelorette parties at different venues, wedding rehearsal dinner, as well as the wedding and reception events. We also can help you create a destination wedding event here in Las Vegas, and help you coordinate and accommodate people coming from all over the world.

      Our event planners are here to help you conceptualize all aspects of your event. We will help you organize a timeline, implement a budget plan and coordinate crucial aspects like securing the perfect venues, allocating vendor responsibilities, production elements, entertainment, videographers, photographers, catering, hotel accommodations, and transportation.

    • A Wedding Event takes a wedding to the next level. When you want that something extra: a theme, entertainment, fabulous decor, we can make your wedding event truly special, with every detail designed to enhance the event and the enjoyment of the guests.

      Steve Beyer Productions will create a masterpiece with your chosen theme by providing specialized lighting, custom décor from experienced designers, sophisticated signage, floral arrangements and furniture/entertainment rental set up. Need a specific style of furniture or custom colored table and chair linens for your event? We can make you something from scratch to fit your color scheme or required dimensions.

      Don't forget the entertainment! Steve Beyer Productions has an unlimited roster of any form of entertainment you may desire. We have phenomenal live bands of all genres, elegant background music, the best in Dueling Piano Shows, DJs that can spin the hottest Top 40s hits all the way to old school Disco inferno boogie beats, Karaoke set-ups, live impersonators with voices like the stars, dancers, cirque style acts or any other extraordinary talent you may need.

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