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Event Planning

  • Then you need help from a team that is used to dealing with complex events. Steve Beyer Production has the experience and Las Vegas connections to plan and produce the multi-faceted event. We will help you plan each piece, as well as the coordination between them, and all the behind-the-scenes staffing required to produce it. 

  • Of course. We provide any type of security required, whether open or discrete. The safety and privacy of you and your guests will be built right into our planning at every step required if you choose to include security services in your event planning and production.

  • We are the masters of the multi-day event. Some of our biggest clients do these regularly. A multi-day event has different considerations and logistics than full or half-day events. Multi-day events often involve different venues and concurrent events, each with a timeline and its own considerations. We have streamlined our way of handling this type of event planning and production so every detail is in place and everything runs seamlessly. Our experienced team thrives on this type of event. You will relax, knowing you can leave the details to us.

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