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  • Production is taking the plan and putting it into action, setting up all the parts and pieces, bringing in all the people, equipment, decor, furniture, audio, video, and entertainment needed to actually run the event... and then it happens, just the way you planned it.

  • Let the show go on! All the parts of the event that make it memorable are staged by our production people.

    Production sets the stage for entertainment: 

    • Audio Equipment 
    • Visual Equipment / LED Lighting
    • Equipment Rental - Gaming, DJ Booth, Dance Floors, Mobile Bars, Go-Go Boxes and Karaoke Equipment
    • Choreography

    Production sets the scene:

    • Furniture Rental - Conference Tables/Chairs, Cocktail/Bar Tables and Stools, Cabanas, Product Display Stands and Outdoor Lounges

    Production works with the artists:

    • Studio Rental - Engineers, Custom Tracks, Vocal Recording/Tracking, CD Duplication
    • Video Production
    • Photography
    • Artist Web Development
    • Artist Development

    Production supplies the staff

    • Staff Services - Employee Payroll Services, Staffing for Events/Conventions, Bartenders/Servers, Atmosphere/Spokes/Fitness Models, Go-Go dancers, Tradeshow/Corporate Event Staffing and much more!
  • If you already have an event planner you would like us to work with, we would be happy to work with them and do the production. 

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