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Making it Real

Making it Real

Have you ever known what you wanted but been unable to put it into words?

"I'll know it when I see it" sometimes works for shopping, but not when it comes to planning a big event. Success in planning events comes from a planner knowing how to take the seed of a concept and grow it a vision that encompasses all the pieces and people and props necessary to create an event that has the look and feel and WOW the client wants. And then the successful planner makes it real.

At Steve Beyer Productions, our planners have the experience to ask the right questions, and they ask them in the right order, so that the plan easily falls into place. We want to know what outcome you want, the feelings you want to encourage, the colors and the style that speak to you, type of environment that enhances the event. In Las Vegas there are a wealth of venues and possibilities, and we know how to make the most of them.

We can take a generic ballroom or other facility – even an outdoor space - and create a totally different world through the use of custom furniture and structures, hangings, lighting, flowers and plants, music, and other creative means. Then we can people the environment with everyone you need to entertain, to serve, and to create another world where people can come to celebrate, have fun, learn, network, compete… whatever your event is meant to accomplish. And we do it within your budget.

All the details? We take care of them. We have systems in place that make it easy, the connections that make it possible, and the skill to put everything together seamlessly.

Our clients say it is a great relief we can take what is in their mind that is beyond words and MAKE IT REAL in a stunning and successful event.

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Steve Beyer Productions specializes in event planning, talent procurement, concept development, design and decor, catering, transportation, venue rental, videography, photography, security, valet services and event staffing.

Planning an event can be challenging whether it's for a small intimate group or a mind-blowing production for a huge audience!  Our experience makes it an easy experience for you as we guide you through every aspect of putting on a great event, from the initial plan to the celebration at the completion of a memorable event. 

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