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Corporate Events that Make Sense

Corporate Events that Make Sense

As an important center of commerce and entertainment, Las Vegas is the perfect place to stage an event. Many companies come to Las Vegas for trade shows, conventions, or conferences which draw people from around the world to learn about new products and ideas, to buy and to sell, and to make new contacts. You can have your own stand-alone event or you can leverage the availability of the RIGHT visitors from around the world by planning an event at a time when other events will draw people to town. There are many types of events you can plan for all sorts of reasons.

The key to success is to carefully consider how to use the event strategically to achieve your purpose. Here is a list of questions that will help you see the possibilities.

Who's your Target Audience?

  • Key or strategic customers
  • High volume customers
  • Potential customers or strategic partners
  • VendorsManufacturers
  • Other

What's your Focus? 

  • Client Retention
  • Grow and Cement Relationships
  • Draw in new business and increase market awareness of your products or services
  • Demo new products
  • Increase sales of existing products
  • Supercharge your product launches or demonstrations
  • Build your company's image and keep ahead of your competitors
  • Educate the customers
  • Other

What type(s) of event? 

  • Evening event
  • Day-long event
  • Multiday event
  • Concert event
  • Seminar event
  • Celebration/Award event
  • Educational event
  • Networking event
  • Sales event
  • Golf event
  • Tournament
  • Combination of several of the choices above
  • Other event – the possibilities are endless

What size event would work best?

  • Small, intimate gathering of key people
  • Medium to large gathering of invited guests
  • Large event open to anyone
  • All of the above at different times

These are just a few of the strategic choices available to an organization that is looking to events to reach people in a place where people love to go, Las Vegas.

The event planners at Steve Beyer Productions can help you work through your options, create a plan, and produce it brilliantly.AND we are not limited to Las Vegas. We produce events around the world. Contact us to start your business buzzing!

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Steve Beyer Productions specializes in event planning, talent procurement, concept development, design and decor, catering, transportation, venue rental, videography, photography, security, valet services and event staffing.

Planning an event can be challenging whether it's for a small intimate group or a mind-blowing production for a huge audience!  Our experience makes it an easy experience for you as we guide you through every aspect of putting on a great event, from the initial plan to the celebration at the completion of a memorable event. 

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