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Our Team

A Winning Line-Up

Steve Beyer Productions credits its continued success to the fact that we are fortunate enough to consistently establish great relationships with both our talent and our clients. 

One of the greatest strengths of Steve Beyer Productions is the experience and motivation of the team that works behind the scenes to deliver world class events and production services to our clients. We recognize that the key to our success lies in our ability to provide top notch customer service with "stellar" professionalism.

Our event planners are experienced and thorough, with an eye to every detail. Our production team includes the finest engineers and technicians available. Our large pool of talent is made up of hand-picked artists who each shine in their respective arenas. 90% of our business is repeat clientele.


Meet Our Team

  • Steve Beyer
    (702) 568-9000
  • Kathleen Beyer
    (702) 568-9000
  • Corinne Allain
    V.P. of Event Management
    (702) 568-9000
  • Bruce Sampson
    Vice President
    (702) 568-9000
  • Frank Joseph
    Talent Agent
    (702) 568-9000
    (702) 557-7516 cell
  • Woody Jarrett
    (702) 568-9000
    (602) 999-6029 cell
  • Shelley Neel
    Chief Financial Officer
    (702) 568-9000
  • Dave McElroy
    Vice President of Production
    (702) 204-3803
    (702) 568-9000 work
  • Sarr Sheffer
    Director of Marketing & Technology
    (702) 568-9000
    (702) 358-1655 cell

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