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Dave McElroy

Vice President of Production

Dave McElroy is Vice President of Production for Steve Beyer Productions.

He takes care of the Steve Beyer family, being the fixer, and helping solve challenges. As a production manager, Dave plans and designs the production, coordinating with the clients, television media, and acts. From making sure the gear is ready through to operation and striking, Dave is the first guy on site and the last to leave. He won't ever ask anyone to do anything he wouldn't do himself and is the guy who keeps the perpetual motion of an event going for days on end.

Dave is really good at what he does, and his reputation stands as the best audio guy in Vegas. He loves doing the job from the ground up, making sure that the thing happens. He knows the whole setup in his head, he's fast, and he loves making the client feel comfortable.

He has worked with every top band in the world, including "Earth Wind & Fire", "Black Eyed Peas", and "Sean Puffy Combs", not to mention the thousands of shows with Steve Beyer!

When playing in a band out on the road, Dave had to learn how to do his own production, do it quick, and do it right. Steve Beyer called David in 1998 for small audio help, but their relationship grew quickly. David designed the million-dollar SBP office, warehouse, and studio on a napkin. Not just content with the design of the new building, David physically constructed the SBP studio himself!

What started with a pair of speakers on stands grew to where it is now, putting Steve Beyer Productions on the map with a warehouse and studio.

Dave notes that nobody else in Vegas has the combination of resources that Steve Beyer Productions has and is pleased that SBP is a full service company. From booking bands, to providing the backline, audio equipment, and staging, through to the perfect audio mix, Dave prides himself that SBP provides the whole deal.

Dave also assisted with the design of the Neon Garage at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, having built the temporary stage annually until the Neon Garage was completed. Clients out at the LVMS track know that if Dave is there the production will be pulled off properly; he is their comfort zone.

Shooting is Dave's hobby, his favorite being a 40-calibur Glock, but a 9mm is always at the ready. He enjoys teaching shooting, and has taught Corinne Allain and Steve Beyer!

Dave shares his bachelor life with his two dogs, "Casey" and "Joe Cocker" in a large home with an amazing-sounding media room. His 3/4-acre property includes a tennis court and swimming pool, giving his dogs plenty of room to romp and play.

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